Show Segments

Weekly Show Segments

Weekly Topic  

Discussion about a specific weekly topic with the hosts and guests.

In The News

The In The News Segment will focus on noteworthy issues in the news and will include a brief discussion on the issue.

Food for Thought

The Food For Thought Segment will include positive thoughts and tidbits for listeners to use as motivational and inspirational guides as they continue on their journey to reach higher ground.

Poetry In Motion  

Dr. Culbreth is known for ending each segment with a poem. Well, get ready for an inspirational poem relative to the weekly show topic.  Each poem will enlighten, encourage and empower you.

Listeners may also submit poems for the hosts  to read live during each show.  Submissions may be sent to

Indeed It Takes A Village  

The  Indeed It Takes A Village Segment will focus on issues affecting children/young people of color.  We are all members of the village and indeed it takes a village to help young people of color reach higher ground in life.  Topics will include education, writing, extra curricular activities, contests, and positive affirmations.  ​See It Takes A Village 

Taking Action 

The Taking Action Segment will consist of encouraging listeners to take action on various issues.  This segment will focus on ideas, suggestions, recommendations, etc.  to be a part of the change needed in society.

Diversity Dynamics  

The Diversity Dynamics Segment focuses on diversity issues in society and discussions on how society can embrace the diversity of all people worldwide.

Race Review    

The Race Review Segment includes discussions about race relations including racial unity and moving forward in society.


 Monthly Segment


The  “Unsung Leaders and Change Agents”  Segment applauds and gives recognition to the many unsung leaders and/or change agents, etc. who represent the change needed in the world.  Unsung Leaders and Change Agents are those who work within businesses, communities, organizations, and individually to help make a difference in the lives of people of color. However, the world may not be aware of their work, accomplishments and passion to bring about change.

For more information about Unsung, please visit our website at Complexity Talk Radio – Complexity Live.

We do more than simply talk about issues, we develop solutions!

Real talk in real-time about real issues!

Follow us on Twitter: Complexity_Rdio

Contact Us:


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